Ab Tronic X2


$58.00 each




A scientifically proven technique that actually generates ”active muscle contractions”. Meaning it does the AB work for you … so you don’t have to!! Now, it’s been applied to the fitness industry to help get you the abs you’ve always dreamed of. It’s perfect for all fitness levels with 8 different body workouts – from short, staccato muscle contractions to long, deep pulsations. Plus… 10 intensity levels … from a soothing, therapeutic massage up to an intense workout. That’s 80 different programs!! And it only takes 10 minutes a day. But it get’s better – the Abtronic X2 also tones other parts of your body: TIGHTEN and SHAPE your buns, FIRM and LIFT your chest, your neck … shoulders & pecs… In just 1 minute you’ll get at least 100 muscle contractions. DUAL CHANNEL TECHNOLOGY – Double the results!! 4 adjustable conductive pads in the front and back targets two SEPERATE muscle groups at the SAME TIME. FLIP DISPLAY BUTTON – Flips the display upside down!! Easy to read when wearing the belt.

Product Features:

It’s perfect for all fitness levels with different body workouts Include mini belt for legs and biceps No vibrations or Sound from the unit It only takes 10 minutes a day! Include Diet plan and original gel


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